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Welcome to DENSHI, your go-to partner for digital transformation.

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109-115 Todor Aleksandrov boul.
Sofia, Bulgaria


+359 882 710 953

  • What is your secret sauce?
    We believe in the power of balance. Our success is built upon three essential pillars: people, processes, and technology. We give each an equal focus. Technology empowers us, processes guide us, and our people drive us. We will carefully align the delivery methodology with the architecture, technology and tools, and the project team structure.
  • What differentiates you from other IT service companies?
    What sets us apart is our approach to working with customers. Regardless of our engagement model, we are always oriented towards solving a problem or alleviating a pain and improving clients' business or operational results through digital technology. Before we arrive at technology, resources, and delivery, we will (independently or collaboratively) identify problems on a business level and mark whole areas of improvement. Based on a comprehensive analysis we will define key objectives and turn them into a project or a program which we will later manage transparently and efficiently.
  • Are your prices competitive?
    We are not trying to be the cheapest in our man-day rates but, measured against the outcomes we achieve for our customers, we offer high value-for-money.
  • How would you define your approach to work?
    Our DNA is rooted in pragmatism. We avoid overcomplicating stuff. Instead, we dissect problems and offer clarity and structure. We elaborate solutions in clear, straightforward, and understandable language. Effective communication is our key to preventing misunderstandings and reducing unnecessary delays and mishaps.
  • What is your tech stack?
    We have knowledge and experience with various technologies and do not restrict ourselves to one (or few) technologies. The technical stack is just a tool, and like in nature, where form follows function, it is chosen according to the problem it solves. With our technology choices we strive for maximum efficiency in the software development process and enhanced reusability of platform and software components and features.
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