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The success of a software project or digital transformation lies not only in technology but also in understanding the environment and typical challenges of the business.


Our team has accumulated significant experience by successfully implementing IT, software development and digital transformation projects in the following sectors:

Financial Services-1.png

Financial Services

Digital transformation for financial services companies. Establishing digital strategies from branding strategies and customer journeys to development and implementation of online platforms and digital channels to automation and launch of comprehensive marketing campaigns for prominent payday loan entities. Consulting on launch of web and mobile banking presence and fully digital credit lending processes. CRM and collections software implementation and business process reengineering and digitalization.


Implemented and maintained of all industry standard systems. Delivered and supported PSS and revenue management and reporting systems, DSC Altea. And PDC.

Overall support and management of Bulgarian National Carrier IT systems and processes: analyzed key processes and practices and transformed the organization towards efficiency with implementation of software, automation of processes and introduction of digital tools.



Large experience from leading international and Bulgaria’s leading quad-play Telco including software development, implementation and migration of BSS (billing, PoS and CRM) and OSS (provisioning, fulfilment, and mediation). Experience with middleware, ESB, SOA and microservices ensuring end-to-end automation of business processes and back-office automation. Familiarity with major vendors and common-of-the-shelf industry leading products as well as development from scratch of equivalent proprietary software.


Profound expertise in digital solutions for the automotive sector. Developed software for in-vehicle systems, telematics, and infotainment. Conducted support in integrating ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and EV management platforms. Streamlined automotive production and supply chain processes using advanced software. Implemented CRM systems for dealerships. Championed digitalization drives for renowned automotive brands, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

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