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What we do best...

Solve problems, understand high-level business goals, and deliver outcomes. We combine the power of technology with high standards of management, project organization, and communication.

Custom Software development

Custom Software Development
Your business is unique. So should be your apps.

Our Custom Application Development services are all about creating bespoke apps for your unique business requirements. We specialize in crafting web and mobile applications with precision design and user-centric approach. 

Whether you are bringing a product idea to life, need a back-office productivity tool, or new client-facing digital channel, we will work with you in an agile manner from idea to design to deployment.

In a world where standard SaaS offerings are increasingly expensive and cumbersome, tailored software can be key to supporting unique value propositions for B2B, B2C or B2B2C customers. We offer complete customization without the need to adapt your requirements to the software. Our work will often result in inventing new, useful, and appealing software features.

Integration and Auto servies

Integration and Automation Services
Connect your enterprise. Automate your business.

Our Integration and Automation services complement each other to form a powerhouse for your organization’s efficiency boost. 

Using this service, you will: connect diverse systems, applications, and data sources, eliminate silos, and streamline automate complete business processes and chains. This will help reduce the cost and error proneness of manual labor and allow your experts to focus on strategic matters and creating value for their customers.

Having a higher degree of integration and automation results in benefits such as enhanced collaboration, improved decision-making, increased productivity, and cost efficiency at the same time with boost in innovation.

Clou services
Data services
AI AND Machine

Cloud Services
Elevate Your Business to the Cloud!

We can assist with infrastructure migration to the cloud in order tо enable rapid capacity expansion and increase resilience. However, lift and shift is usually not enough.

We can assist you in transforming your applications into cloud-native ones to fully manage modern platform capabilities and reduce costs.

Regardless of the use case, our approach prioritizes security, performance, governance, portability, scalability, and control coupled with cost optimization.

Whether it’s migrating to the cloud, optimizing your cloud infrastructure, or developing cloud-native applications, we’ve got you covered.

Data services

Data Services
Welcome to a world of data.

We believe that data, when used correctly, drives businesses forward. 


Our data practice is about empowering our clients to make sense of past, current, and future complex events, make informed decisions, and innovate by transforming raw data into valuable business insights.

Its two pillars are data engineering and data analytics.

Data engineering is used to organize, clean, and integrate data to put it in the right form, quality, and structure for analysis.

Data analytics and data science can also be used to engineer robust data models. 

Combining best-in-class theory, tools and platforms, our data analysts utilize their business acumen and domain knowledge to interpret the data in a business context. They build models that provide valuable insight and foresight. 


Digital Transformation
Simplified. Focused. Value for money.

Digital transformation doesn’t have to be expensive, complex, abstract, or scary. 


Our approach is logical, pragmatic, and transparent. Starting with a comprehensive analysis of your business, we spot and address errors, gaps, and inefficiencies. We will then offer the (re)design of specific business processes, the introduction of new tools and systems, and seamless integrations and automation.

We use a Problem-Solution framework, along with a focus on return on investment and a data-driven estimation and measurement approach.

We will craft a series of small projects and digital assets that seamlessly fit into a comprehensive end-to-end digital transformation program.

Our approach ensures that each smaller component is a standalone deliverable and adds immediate value. This allows you to implement your digital transformation in phases, at the pace and budget of your choosing, with tangible benefits within months.

Digital transforation

Team Up, Gain Insight, Ignite Success

Want to take advantage of our expertise without conducting a large software development project? Have another preferred software delivery vendor?


No problem.  


Our experience will be at your disposal to consult you on the matters most critical for you.

We can help you in various ways: from shaping your digital strategy, architecting a complex transformative program, improving your operating model, or optimizing your IT infrastructure and organizational structure.


We will be careful what advice we give so that, if asked, we will be able to execute it.


Unlock the Full Potential of Your Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure Management services are the backbone of your organization's efficiency and reliability. We offer a comprehensive approach to managing and optimizing your IT infrastructure. Our team of experts ensures that your hardware, devices, networks, and data centers are running at peak performance, minimizing downtime and enhancing reliability. We focus on scalability, security, and cost-efficiency, allowing you to grow your business with confidence. With us managing your infrastructure, you can focus on what matters most—achieving your business objectives while we handle the technical complexities.

"DENSHI has been our digital transformation enabler and a game-changing force for Bulgaria Air. Their claims software solution they delivered not only significantly 
reduced our operational expenses but also elevated us to a new standard of 
customer service and drove increased CSAT. Additionally, DENSHI's data solutions focused on management, operational and financial reporting have provided us with  
valuable business insight tool: a key decision making instrument and a strategic enabler. DENSHI stands as a true partner, contributing to our success in meaningful ways.” 

Radoslav Zlatkov, CEO
Bulgaria Air

The ways we engage with our customers...

We support most common engagement and commercial models and select which one to apply together with our customers.

01 Fixed Scope and Price

With this model at the beginning the project’ scope, price and time are fixed.

This engagement model is suitable when there are precise and well-defined project requirements. The price is agreed upfront, payments are often split by project milestones and are subject to strict acceptance criteria. Any deviation from the approved scope leads to change management, which is to add or subtract additional requirements, add or remove resources and adjust the price and project timelines accordingly.

This model provides a high level of predictability and control for customers.

03 Support and Managed Services

Such services are for work that can be divided into smaller chunks and categorized.

Utility and warranty are defined with SLAs, usually based on outcomes such as response and resolution time of issues and tasks.

There is a subscription recurring, fixed cost with bonus and malus payments based on SLA compliance.

We apply it for hardware and software support, devops, and IT operations where we, together with the customer, can set measurable targets and KPIs.

02 Time and Material

This way of working is appropriate for flexible work where the outcome of one activity defines the next, and the client can experiment and change the requirements during the project. This way customers can respond to changes in the market environment or evolve their solution during project execution.

This model is the answer where the environment is volatile, and adaptability and agility are required.

It is applicable, for example, in the development of software products and is the major engagement model for consultancy services.

Pricing is subject to an agreed man-day rate and the total consultants time spent per month.

04 Revenue Sharing


Information Technology is often a defining factor for new products and services and a major enabler of new business models.

This model is appropriate when a business starts a new venture and wishes to source its entire IT and operational aspects from the outside and split the risks and rewards with a partner.

It is suitable for startups and intrapreneurial initiatives. It is for companies who seek a partnership based on mutual interests.

  • What is your secret sauce?
    We believe in the power of balance. Our success is built upon three essential pillars: people, processes, and technology. We give each an equal focus. Technology empowers us, processes guide us, and our people drive us. We will carefully align the delivery methodology with the architecture, technology and tools, and the project team structure.
  • What differentiates you from other IT service companies?
    What sets us apart is our approach to working with customers. Regardless of our engagement model, we are always oriented towards solving a problem or alleviating a pain and improving clients' business or operational results through digital technology. Before we arrive at technology, resources, and delivery, we will (independently or collaboratively) identify problems on a business level and mark whole areas of improvement. Based on a comprehensive analysis we will define key objectives and turn them into a project or a program which we will later manage transparently and efficiently.
  • Are your prices competitive?
    We are not trying to be the cheapest in our man-day rates but, measured against the outcomes we achieve for our customers, we offer high value-for-money.
  • How would you define your approach to work?
    Our DNA is rooted in pragmatism. We avoid overcomplicating stuff. Instead, we dissect problems and offer clarity and structure. We elaborate solutions in clear, straightforward, and understandable language. Effective communication is our key to preventing misunderstandings and reducing unnecessary delays and mishaps.
  • What is your tech stack?
    We have knowledge and experience with various technologies and do not restrict ourselves to one (or few) technologies. The technical stack is just a tool, and like in nature, where form follows function, it is chosen according to the problem it solves. With our technology choices we strive for maximum efficiency in the software development process and enhanced reusability of platform and software components and features.
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