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Mid-level Frontend and Mobile Developer

Dream your personal growth path at DENSHI! 


At DENSHI, our digital horizon is ever-expanding. As we venture forward, we’re searching for a mid-level developer with a knack for frontend and mobile brilliance. We offer you the opportunity to join as one of the first employees of the company and shape its outlook. Together with the Technical Director and the senior management team you will be able to collaborate on designing its technical foundations and practices.   



  • Web Brilliance: Develop user-facing features using React.js, ensuring optimal performance across all browsers and devices. 

  • Mobile Mastery: Build cross-platform mobile apps with React Native that deliver a seamless experience. 

  • State Management: Leverage tools like Redux or Context API for efficient data flow and state management.  Team Collaboration: Work in tandem with UI/UX designers to ensure the technical feasibility of designs and ensure a user-centric approach. 

  • Continuous Improvement: Refactor and optimize existing codebase for scalability and performance. 


Key Requirements:


  • 2+ years of hands-on experience with React.js and React Native. 

  • Proficiency in modern web development technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, and ES6+. 

  • Demonstrable experience with responsive design. 

  • Familiarity with popular React workflows (such as Redux or Context API). 

  • Experience interfacing with RESTful APIs. 


Desirable Skills:

  • Knowledge of mobile platform-specific design and performance best practices. 

  • Experience with testing tools like Jest or Mocha. 

Are  you ready to bring your React and React Native expertise and craft digital magic? If so, we look forward to receiving your application. 

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